Wednesday, November 23, 2005

Music City is a very cool new project coming to San Francisco. It's a musical hub on Bush Street opening just blocks from the American Music Hall sure to bring some amazing music to the the Union Square area. This region which used to host some of the amazing music in San Francisco is in need of a location to nurture the arts of our city.

Yesterday it passed through the San Francisco Board of Supervisors with flying colors. It's going to house the new San Francisco Rock Hall of Fame, which will highlight many of the great bands from our area. SFist blogged about it's early stages. Wikipedia also offers it's own description of the Music City project.

SF Real Estate Blogger Matt Lanning also offers his opinions on the project.

He says: "This is something that is long-overdue in San Francisco, a city with a rich history of music from jazz to rock and beyond."


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