Monday, November 14, 2005

Examiner Reports on Union Square's X-Mas Tree

The Examiner has a picture of Macy's Christmass tree going up in San Francisco, and describes the "arduous process of bringing Christmas to San Francisco". The Menorah should be up soon to join it, and then the only things needed to bring the holidays to San Francisco are drinks and shopping. on quality lodging did a cool little write up of two hotels on the border of Union Square.

Read "small, affordable hotels a little off the beaten track." which describes the Nob Hill Hotel. You can also read that review at the Nob Hill site. Other gems in the area include the Fitzgerald Hotel in Union Square, and Oreilly's, an awsome original Irish pub. Also check out the Hidden Vine Wine Bar, a truely spectacular place. Lodging info can also be found here.

Check out the Nob Hill San Francisco blog for more info on Nob Hill, and the North Beach blog for information on North East SF. WikiTravel's SF section also has a good collection of resources on things to do in the area.

Macy's X-Mas Tree Up in the Square

It's official - Xmass time is here. Macy's set up it's annual tree in the center of Union Square. I got a look Friday when Cal's team had a pep rally in the city. A good 300 people showed up to sing, listen to the band, and watch the cheerleaders. The tree is a pretty good site, and is sure to brighten up the area as shopping season approaches.